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Stix Law Offices has been representing labor unions and individual employees for over 30 years. Sally Stix opened the practice in 1980 in Chicago, Illinois. The firm’s philosophy operates on the premise that working people are entitled to affordable representation to try to resolve workplace problems, whether it is an employer’s violation of a union agreement or individual cases of discrimination.

For over a decade, Attorney Stix represented unionized nurses in Illinois and Pennsylvania; who had been prevented from legally unionizing until Congress extended coverage of the National Labor Relations Act in 1974 to workers at health care institutions.

During the 1980s, the non profit health care industry was undergoing a retrograde transformation into a for profit industry and was serving less and less the needs of poor and working people. At the same time, work itself was undergoing major changes in the United States. Good paying manufacturing, especially unionized, jobs were decreasing as the lower paying service industry exploded. One of the principles Stix Law Offices is committed to is to make employment related legal representation available to all working people.

Since there are limited legal protections for employees, Stix Law Offices assists employees in reviewing all possible options to employment problems such as denials of earned benefits, discriminatory working conditions or other unlawful treatment.

In the early 1990s, Stix Law Offices’ added the arcane practice of federal employment law. Since then, federal employees’ rights, benefits and other employment issues have become a regular part of the practice.

In 1999, Attorney Stix was the chief negotiator for Local 229 of the Laundry Workers. After months of slow moving negotiations for a rainbow workforce of whites, African Americans and non English speaking Mexicans and Hmongs, the diverse workers achieved an incredible feat when they went on strike against ARAMARK Laundry. The solidarity of workers showed that with organization, leadership who believed that the workers deserved and could win more and a supportive labor community, the strike was still a viable tactic. The following was from the South Central Federation of Labor’s Madison labor history website:

“Despite the growing power of huge corporations and a labor law stacked against workers, not all strikes were lost during this time. Of particular note was a strike in late summer of 1999 by Laundry Workers Local 229 (now UNITE HERE Local 229) against the Aramark laundry on Madison’s east side. The workers, many of them Hmong and Latino immigrants, struck only for a few days of sick leave each year to take care of sick kids without losing pay or being slapped with attendance demerits. The Madison labor community rallied to the cause of these workers with a big demonstration the second day of the strike and continual picket line support. After six days, the workers won their main demand, getting four additional personal holidays per year which could be used as sick leave.”

Stix Law Offices represents the State of Wisconsin Law Enforcement bargaining unit, including State Troopers and Inspectors, University of Wisconsin Police Officers, Capitol Police and DMV customer service representatives; unionized paperworkers and licensed practical nurses, among others.

Labor unions and employees in the 21st century continue to struggle for their rights as workers, for living wages, benefits and for fair treatment in the workplace. Stix Law Offices continues to see its job to support and enhance those efforts. As conditions continue to deteriorate for this country’s working people, Stix Law Offices maintains its belief in the right of the people to achieve fairness in their workplace.

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